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The Technology


The Description

       The stretching ceilings Demi-Lune are membrane: decorative and practical simultaneously. French material of the best quality is used. In the prepared kind the ceiling forms ideally an even and smooth surface which hides all defects of the basic (base) ceiling. The great choice of textures and colors (more than 100 tints) allows to realize any designer ideas. Mat surfaces are used for creation of strict style of private interiors or office buildings, sateen - bring in comfort and heat a little, lacquered and translucent - are used for the visual increase of apartment volume and membrane with metallic tints will add more of expressiveness to the stylish interior.

       Some of the DEMI-LUNE materials on a cost competes with the traditional plasterboard systems, considerably excelling the last on economic possibilities. The system "Star sky" will be appropriate in entertaining plases, and also at creation of eccentric design of dwelling apartment. The stretching ceiling can have any form: rectangular, curvilinear, multilevel, wave form, dome form etc.

       Such ceiling is serviced very easily: it is enough sometimes to wipe by a soft sponge and in the case of surface contamination it is possible to use a liquid for washing of glasses. In the case of submergence dear repair does not suffer from above, specialists will remove water unbending the edge of ceiling and the one will take on primary kind.

       Thanks to the exceptional properties the stretching ceilings find more and more applications in different apartments: quarters, offices, cottages, shops, banks, restaurants, entertaining and shopping centres, hotels, sporting, educational and even medical establishments.
       Now DEMI-LUNE's clients have possibility to order the color image of any pictures with photographic quality, painting or graphic arts on ceiling materials. This can be both cloudy sky and work of the known painter.

       The stretching ceilings have not analogues among finishing materials, they are unique by the characteristics and operating possibilities.

Characteristics of material:
  •  Мaterial of the stretching ceiling is made from PVС film.
  •  The film thickness - 0,18mm.
  •  The mass of vinyl film - 230 g/m2.
  •  Save its properties within temperature from -5 °C till +50 °C
  •  Withstand pressure on the film surface till 100 kg/m2
The Mounting

       The mounting of the stretching ceiling Demi-Lune is a clean and rapid process which is fulfiled on the last stage of repair during a few hours..
       The specialists of company will produce the necessary exact measurings of your apartment. Then during 10 days they will deliver executed under your sizes ceiling into the place of assembling. On the ceiling perimeter there is the bordering made from more hard PVС material and welded by a factory method. In the cross-section it has the hook or harpoon form. Size of a stretching ceiling less size of an apartment. At first one of corners of vinyl film is hooked for a timber profile by a harpoon. Then the part of vinyl film along a diagonal is heated and stretching the softened film insert a harpoon by a spatula in the slot profile in an opposite corner. This procedure is repeated for other diagonal and then - on all perimeter. At that air in a room is heated not higher than 45°C.
       After cooling of ceiling to the room temperature enough durable connection of the strained film with a timber profile is formed. Moreover, a vinyl film shrinks, becomes more hard and its final form is an ideally even surface. At mounting the ceiling "takes" away 3cm of apartment height. The harpoon system provides the reliable fastening of material and allows to carry out mounting/dismounting of material repeatedly.

Scheme of the ceiling fastening
The Product Advantages
Basic advantages of the French stretching ceilings
  Quality Composition: exceptionally French material, high-precision production, harpoon system of fasteners, professional mounting
  Durability The long term of employment without the loss of high-quality characteristics
  Reliability Saves a color, does not crack in the exploitation, guaranteed for 12 years and service
  Safety It is harmless for a health, does not evolve the toxic matters, is not combustible: meets to the sanitary and fire norms of Europe and Ukraine
  Using Apartments, offices, pools, cafes, restaurants, casinos, banks, salons, boutiques, fitness-halls, movie theaters, medical establishments
  Benefits Preliminary preparation of the existent ceiling is not required, accessibility, economy of time and nerves, alternative of material choice at a prices
  Comfort Delivery during 10 days from the order, mounting by a brigade of two persons during one day, simple care in the exploitation
  Protection Moisture resistant, steady to the origin of fungus and corrosion, dust-proof
  Prestige An individual design - making on the exact contour of concrete apartment, exclusive material, crystal systems "Star sky" of the known worldwide brand Swarovski
  Variety Lacquered (mirror lustre), sateen (mat smooth surface), mat (easy roughness), metallic (glossy with the metallic reflection), translucent (mat allowing to do backlighting)
  Singularity Form of any configuration, transitions on curvilinear lines are possible both in a plane and in space
  Matter of taste More than 100 colors and tints
  Volume The visual increase of apartment volume - ideally even mirror surface
Basic elements of the system
  • Aluminium profile is fastened to the wall on the apartment perimeter. Such ceiling is film with a welded plastic harpoon on a perimeter.
  • Decorative insertion closes an mounting slit (4mm) between a wall and film of the stretching ceiling.

1.  The mounting of the stretching systems is produced on the final stage of repair (absence of dusty works).
2.  For fastening of the stretching ceiling profile it is required to 3cm of an even hard surface of the wall or basic ceiling. The basis for the profile fastening can be: brick, concrete, glaze, plaster, plasterboard (strengthen by a profile), aluminium, metal, timber.
3.  In the case if the basic coverage ceiling peels off, the grinding of one is required.
4.  A customer provides unimpeded access to the places of conducting of mounting works.
5.  Before beginning of assembling works it is necessary to made arrangement of the electricity supply network for the lighting devices of ceiling.
6.  The stretching ceilings allow to use ordinary incandescent lamps, a halogen lamps on 12V and luminescent lamps. Their standard fastening in the plane of ceiling requires power limitation up to 35W - for halogen lamps and 60W - for incandescent lamps.
7.  Except for luminaires on the ceiling vent grates, suspended internal blocks of the conditioning split-sistem, fire sensors can be found.
8.  The standard area of one assembled ceiling does not exceed 60 sq. m. Large areas can be covered by a few ceilings, by their separation.
9.  The stretching ceilings are intended for exploitation inside the apartments.




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