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The system "Starry sky"
       At present the effect "starry sky" is widely used. It is the newest technology on the basis of fiber-optic filaments application. It is the great number of the twinkled, overflowing, many-coloured "stars" on ceiling.
       Construction consists of light generator with the revolving colour filter and fiber-optic cable, on the filaments of which light rays are delivered to the ceiling surface. Light guides are fastened in the specially prepared framework for the outlet of filaments in the precisely definite points of a stretching ceiling. Depending on the desired brightness of "stars" the number of derived light guides to one point is determined.
       In area behind ceiling there is no electric wiring that excludes possibility of short circuit or other problems related to electricity.
       "Starry sky" is done usually not on all ceiling, but on separate its area.
There are a few variants of creation of "starry sky" effect:
1.  The ends of filaments are extended directly through ceiling surface creating the scattering of stars, which can imitate the real starry sky with marking as in an astronomic atlas.
 Light guides are built into separate lenses or crystal pendants Swarovski different cutting for creation of multibeam stars on the even ceiling surface. At that every crystalline lens is set in special pole-holder with the adjustable basis.
 With the use of the powerful light generators luminous ends of filaments are not extended outside but are projected to the internal ceiling surface. By these the effect of "starry sky" is achieved - in the evening, but in the day-time - ideally smooth surface, without openings.
       At the market of Ukraine the company DEMI - LUNE presents all spectrum of products from a crystal for the ceiling systems of the known worldwide brand SWAROVSKI (Austria).
       The decorative light systems of the DEMI-LUNE "starry sky" from an optical fibre and the Swarovski's crystalline lenses will add originality and exclusiveness to the light decision of your interior.




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